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Four Anti-Aging Foods To Keep Your Skin Looking Young


Pretty much everyone past 25 wants to look a bit younger. And it’s understandable, whenever you look in the mirror you’re seeing yourself older than you’ve ever been! What I’ve come to learn is five years from now you’ll look at yourself today and think wow I looked so young! But I didn’t learn that lesson by magic.

I’m no stranger to the Botox/ lip filler procedure. You get to a point where you see wrinkles you never saw before and find yourself going to the dermatologist your plumber recommended. Maybe that’s just me, a true Martha Quinn move. When I left the doc’s office I had dreams of looking like Pam Anderson, but wound up looking like Rocky Balboa’s punching bag. A week or so later the botox effect left my forehead smooth in my third eye area, but the muscle-paralyzing effect didn’t extend beyond that middle spot so I looked like I’d been hit by a baseball between the eyes. After all that my husband begged me, never again! But I’m still drawn to turning back the hands of time, now I try in a doctor-free manner. Like eating healthy!

According to Shefinds these foods are not only yummy they’ve got healthy vitamins and antioxidants for your ultimate health, and keep your skin looking vibrant.

  1. Avocadoes: filled with healthy fats they help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help remove dead skin cells
  2. Blueberries: Brighten your skin’s appearance and help prevent collagen loss
  3. Green tea: May help promote firm skin with increased elasticity
  4. Dark chocolate: Helps cell turnover in your skin, making it better prepared to keep itself looking young

 Who knows, maybe one day I’ll give my plumber’s dermatologist another call, but until then I’m sticking to the doc-free, avocado route. What’s your skin routine? Have you tried procedures to scooch back the hands of time?

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