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David Lee Roth Looking To Be Crowned 'King of Las Vegas'

If anyone is seriously thinking of taking the title of "King of Las Vegas," David Lee Roth is likely the first to reach the throne. 

Taped prior to the death of Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth sat down for an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. Asked what his five year plans were, Roth said, “Showbiz. I’m gonna be the king of Las Vegas.”

Talking about the different communities and genres of music that go through changes over the years, Roth added, “If you had participation in all those communities and you are a genuine fan, then you can say, ‘I have returned to be your king!’”

Roth had a planned Las Vegas residency at the beginning of the year. As far as Van Halen is concerned, Roth had said that the band was "finished" even before Eddie Van Halen's death.

You can see David's interview below! The interview was recorded prior to Eddie's death.

Photo Credit: Getty

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