Phil Collins Sues Ex-Wife For Taking Over Miami Home

Music legend Phil Collins is suing his ex-wife Orianne Cevey to get her and her new husband out of his $33 million Miami mansion.

According to court documents, Cevey broke up with Collins in August and got married to a 31-year-old musician in Las Vegas. Cevey and her new hubby want to continue living in the Miami mansion. Phil argues that the property is 100 percent his and his ex has no right to it. He's reportedly been trying to get her to leave since August but she's allegedly been threatening to release private information about Phil unless Phil pays her an insane amount of money.

This week, Phil claimed that Cevey wouldn't let him enter the Miami home and she's even hired armed guards to block the property. A judge on Tuesday ruled that Phil is allowed to enter the property to grab some of his prize possessions.

Photo Credit: Getty

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