Heartbreakers Have Discussed Possibily Reuniting Without Tom Petty

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer Steve Ferrone discusses the band's final tour and the possibility of reuniting without their frontman.

Petty was using OxyContin for pain from a cracked hip bone. Ferrone says that they shouldn't have even considered that final tour. "I don’t think you’ll find anyone in the band that wouldn’t say, ‘He really shouldn’t have done that. I really wish he hadn’t done that,'" said Ferrone. "We should have canceled and done it another time.” As far as the rest of the Heartbreakers getting together for a reunion? After talking with guitarist Mike Campbell, Ferrone says it's possible. "Mike always said, ‘Tom will let us know when it’s right.’ I think we all feel that there’s been this pretty tumultuous aftermath of Tom’s death," recalled Ferrone. "I don’t think that the band has been willing to do anything until something happens that might be what Tom would want."

Stating that the reunion should happen, Ferrone thinks it'll good for the fans. "Tom loved his fans and his fans loved him. I don’t think it would be fair for us not to do something," said Ferrone.

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