3 Things You Need To Know For Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Every morning around 9:40 am, the ladies of the Martha Quinn tell you '3 Things You Need To Know' to start your morning. Here's what was covered today:

1. There’s a new mural in the Haight on the boarded-up windows of the CVS at the corner of Haight and Fillmore streets, dedicated to everybody’s favorite skateboarder, Dogg Face! He’s even drinking his cranberry juice it’s so cool!

2. It’s one week until election day and the United States Postal Services says mail in ballots must be sent today in order to get your ballot in on time.

3. More movies theaters are reopening in the Bay Area, Cinemark announced on Monday. Five theaters are reopening in Alameda County on Tuesday. Then, two in San Francisco plus several Santa Clara County will reopen by Friday. The bad news....reopening is not allowing eating or drinking inside the theater, which is a San Francisco and Santa Clara County enforced restriction.

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