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Tips For Keeping You & Your Family Safe During Daylight Saving Time

This weekend we turn the clocks back (ending Daylight Saving Time) and that can bring with it situations you need to know about to keep you and your family safe! 

AAA says traffic collisions generally increase after we turn the clocks back, especially within the first two weeks if the change, when we’re getting used to it getting dark an hour earlier. 

Their #1 tip for drivers: SLOW DOWN 

Triple A’s #1 tip for pedestrians and cyclists: cross only at intersections, don’t jaywalk 

Martha’s tip: Consider purchasing reflective pendants for you and your family to wear so drivers can spot you more easily!

I found these on Amazon, to give you an idea. How do you feel about the clocks turning back? Remember the clocks in your car, and on your microwave!

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