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Get Yourself Mentally Strong With These Tips

Has 2020 has made you feel like you’re a ship out in the ocean, being tossed about in crazy waves? I feel pretty much exactly like that! Lately I’ve been thinking, “Martha, it’s not about stopping the waves, it’s about strengthening your own ship!”

If you can relate to that feeling, I think you’ll enjoy this 10-minute mini-podcast by psychotherapist Amy Morin, host of the Mentally Strong People podcast. She’s all about developing inner resilience. Her expert opinion is the fastest way to strengthen your own ship is: practice gratitude! 

Keeping track of what you’re grateful for can boost your alertness, enthusiasm, and energy, while at the same time decreasing blues you may experience. I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve had postpartum depression as well as varying degrees of anxiety so if you’re like me, this is really good to hear.

You can jot down a few things you’re grateful for each day in a journal, or set a “gratitude” alarm on your phone. Each time the alarm goes off, dictate into your notes app (or whatever you have handy) what you’re grateful for at that moment. 

However you incorporate gratitude in your life, psychotherapist Amy Morin says gratitude is essential in managing stress and building mental strength. 

What do you have to be grateful for right now? For me, I’m thankful you’re reading this post! Check out Amy’s Best Exercise For Building Mental Strength Fast podcast. I think you will feel stronger in the waves after you listen! Please let me know what you think!

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