KISS Fan Recreates 'Dynasty' Album Cover -- with Legos

A diehard KISS fan has paid tribute to the band by recreating the cover of the “Dynasty” album – using Legos.

Eli Echevarria says he completed the project using thousands of standard, store-bought Legos. “There's no customization," Echevarria says. “It's just over 4,000 individual pieces to make the actual mosaic, plus the additional pieces to make the border and the four base plates that make up the background.”

No short cuts were taken in recreating the iconic album cover, Echevarria adds. “Painting a Lego piece or anything like that is frowned upon in the community,” he explains. “You're supposed to use what you got."

Eli Echevarria is an artist who has also created paintings of various artists. Check out his cool art work here!

Photo Credit: Getty

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