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How To Baby Proof Your House During The Holiday Season

If you’re spending this holiday with a baby, check out these tips to keep your baby safe. These tips are good for your fur baby too!

Mistletoe is a winter holiday tradition, how would Mommy kiss Santa Claus without it? But mistletoe is a poisonous plant. Make sure it’s out of your child or dog’s reach

If you celebrate Hanukkah and your menorah has candles make sure that’s where you baby can’t grab it, or pick yourself up a battery operated one so you can relax!

For Christmas Trees: 

1.Be aware tinsel is a choking hazard for little kids. 

2.Hang ornaments with ribbons instead of those little wire hooks

3.String lights up in the middle of the tree so your baby can’t grab onto them from the edge

 Click here for more tips to have a safe and happy holiday with your babies!

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