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Join 'UNSTOPPABLE' A Virtual Event To Empower Yourself

Friend to the show Dr. Summer Watson with KORE Women has teamed up with Renee from The Red Bra Project to bring you 'UNSTOPPABLE' a virtual event to get everyone energized and pumped for 2021. For tickets and more information CLICK HERE!

Date And Time

Fri, December 11, 2020-8:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

UNSTOPPABLE is the virtual event for you if you want to…

• Begin 2021 with focus. Feeling recharged & refreshed!

• Develop a strategic plan of action for your goals

• Transform your ideas & daydreams into achievable opportunities with confidence

• Gain clarity into your next steps in creating potential monetizing opportunities

• Learn simple tools to master your money and mindset

• Find inspiration, NOT overwhelm with fresh branding and social media objectives

• Connect with other incredible guests supporting one another

• Release the heaviness of 2020 with a fun, inspiring & productive virtual event

What you can expect from the UNSTOPPABLE Virtual Event…

• A phenomenal lineup of (4) award-winning presenters who are sure to bring the laughs, creativity, strategy and kick-ass inspiration through their own stories of perseverance, resilience and grit(click here to "meet" our presenters)

• A fresh, new perspective - energized about social media + branding

• The opportunity to literally map out and create your 2021 vision board that you will turn into your REALITY board

• Strategic tools to kick-off 2021 on the track to financial happiness & security

• One of the BEST virtual swag bags we have ever seen! (ok, ok, we know it’s our virtual swag bag, but, really, our partners filling it with goodies are ah – MAZING!)

• An UNSTOPPABLE Emcee / DJ for the event who is going to help take the energy of this event to the next level

• The UNSTOPPABLE Virtual event replay JUST in case life happens (we get it!)

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