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Martha Quinn's Totally Awesome Gift Guide-Support Small Business Edition

Happy Holidays! Every year I put together my Totally Awesome Gift Guide where I assemble for you fun, affordable gifts you can give to family or friends, or yourself!

This year, like everything else in 2020, my gift guide is a little bit different. You will see gifts from small businesses only! Nothing from the Big Guys. Nothing from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s or any other national chain. Those companies are all doing fine in the pandemic. It’s the small businesses that need our help the most! Many of the stores are located in the Bay Area, like Oaktown Spice Shop and Luminance Skincare, but some are products I’ve found from all around the USA.

If you have a small business you’d like to shout out, please let me know in the comments on our Facebook ,!

This gift was suggested by my daughter Annabelle, who’s 23 now and working in the neuroscience field! These socks from Conscious Step not only keep your feet warm but your heart too, as you choose a set that donates to a cause you care for. For example each pair of the Socks That Plant Trees plants 10 trees! There’s socks that save LGBTQ lives, socks that protect wild animals, and socks that give water and more.

I have been super into tea this year and stumbled upon these teas made in Rhode Island by Farmacy Herbs. The teas are grown without chemicals and I love the care they put into their blends. Their tea sampler is gorgeous with little sachets of tea, with a tea infuser included too. It’s a great way to get to know their varieties! Available at

When you listen to the Martha Quinn Show, you are part of the team, you’re family. One member of the fam is Tamara Dever who’s love of 80s music inspired her to write the Ultimate Mix Tape, music quiz book with over 1,000 questions in 18 categories. An instant party in a book, all you need to supply is the Members Only Jacket!

Tamara’s book is available at

It’s a beautiful day in the Bay-borhood! Local Bay area shops and artists to support!

Iacopi Farms Fresh Beans, grown in Half Moon Bay! Check out their beans below!

Shiitake Miso! Cashew Miso! Black Bean Miso! This bundle of miso, hand-made in San Francisco by Shared Cultures, is making me crazy. I have to order right now! 

Ok I’m back. I ordered 2 of the miso trios! Look at how delicious the miso looks!

Literally ‘spice’ up your cooking with offerings from Oakland’s Oaktown Spice Shop

Pepper lovers will be in heaven with the different varieties they offer, including Long Pepper. Who knew that was evn a thing! They also carry Kala Namak Indian Black Salt, which vegans often use to createe an egg-type taste. I really like this Golden State Turmeric Duo gift box too!

Of Soil and Moss in Oakland has some of the coolest plant gifts I’ve ever seen. Their website describes their Japanese Kokedama gardening technique as placing the plant into a ball of soil, then covering it in moss and securing it with string, making it self-contained and doing away with pots all together. You’ve got to see it!

For more gift ideas from small businesses in Oakland, check out all the products and shops on or peruse their Instagram page below!

As a passionate vegan my dogs are plant-based as well. I love both of these Bay Area vegan dog food companies and believe it or not each of my dogs has their favorite! My 100 lb guy Bueller goes for Berkeley’s eco-friendly alternative dog food (as seen on Shark Tank!) Wild Earth. Bueller recommends the treats for your fur baby’s stocking.

Across the bridge San Francisco’s V-dog offers 100% vegan dog food too for plant-powered pooches like my little German Shepherd Frodo! And both my sheps love these V-Dog breath bones. They come in a mini size for your smaller pups too!

Stay safe and germ free with this antimicrobial and plant-based (it had me at antimicrobial but plant based?? I’m in!) safety device invented by a rock star kid in the Bay Area, Mizzan Rupan-Tompkins! All the colors are great but the tangerine might stand out in your purse or glove compartment to reduce frantic fumbling!

Find out more about the Safe Touch Pro HERE!

The Martha Quinn Show runs from 6am-10am which means it also runs on coffee! These are Christie's Totally Awesome Small Business gift ideas for the caffeine (or decaf!) dependent, like us!

Coffee or gift cards from Philz Coffee, started in San Francisco’s Mission District

Living in Oakland Christie has had amazing meals at Vegan Mob. They offer gift cards so you can support their business while turning a friend on to how yum plant-based meals can be!

Christie swears by the Benicia-based skin care line Luminance. It’s 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and works especially well for sensitive users. This vegan lip balm kit is a super-fun stocking stuffer!

Morning show producer Karena Velazquez lives in Vallejo and is all about supporting local businesses. Here are a few of her favs!

One House Bakery is one of her favorite bakery's in Benicia. It's family owned and operated. They make fresh pastries, food, and more! They even have dinners you can take home to feed your family! The bakery was recently noticed nationwide because of their awesome Star Wars display made from bread. Gift cards available!

Karena's sister has a huge book collection so this year she's gifting her a few books from the Alibi Bookshop in downtown Vallejo. They have a ton of books to choose from. You can check out their selections and order online!

Do you have kids in your life? Karena has been helping her 8-year-old niece with distance learning and The Bookworm in Vallejo not only has a ton of educational supplies for the kiddos but they have great stocking stuffers, gifts for all ages, toys, games, and more! The Bookworm makes it so easy to shop online!

I hope you enjoyed my Totally Awesome Last-minute Gift Guide, Small Business Support Edition! Please let me know a small business you’d like to give some love to, a link to their social media would be super helpful. Thank you for listening to me on iHeart 80s @ 103-7, and for helping small businesses this year. Have a beautiful holiday!

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