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Dry January Is Right Around The Corner


Want to join me in starting 2021 with an alcohol detox, go alcohol-free for a month and make it a Dry January?

Every year I get a support group together which helps keep you going if the going should get tough. I do it on Facebook, and Twitter as well on a special dedicated account, @TeamMarthaDJan 

If you want to join these benefits may await you!

1. Your skin may look and feels better without the dehydrating effect of alcohol

2. Without the calories of alcohol you could shed a few pounds, which is a common New Year’s resolution

3. Your sleep could improve! Alcohol messes up your deep REM sleep, which is when your body de-stresses and replenishes itself so you feel more bright-eyed in the morning

4. Research shows that alcohol can actually exacerbate anxiety, you might feel calmer overall. 

Last year both my husband and I felt more emotionally stable, in fact our Dry January went until May! Then we popped champagne for my May 11 birthday and that basically ended our run but we were glad we did it. Let me know in the Facebook comments, or over on Twitter, if you want to join me for Dry January. I’ll start the month checking in with a Zoom call and we’ll get started!

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