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4 Immunity Boosting Mushrooms You Should Be Taking #WellnessShot

To boost your immune system and look younger at the same time, check out a doctor’s top 4 medicinal mushrooms!

1.Reishi mushrooms: sometimes called the King Of Mushrooms, can lower stress, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system

2.Chaga mushrooms: The Queen of Mushrooms, chaga mushrooms provide B vitamins, vitamin D, also reduce inflammation and boost your immune system plus have compounds than can counteract visible signs of aging

3.Cordyceps mushrooms: you usually get them powdered or as supplements, they help combat infection, can boost your energy plus support your heart and reproductive health, with bonus anti-aging effects

4.Turkey tail mushrooms: help with your gut bacteria health, which is very important for a good immune system. I’d never heard of this mushroom before, but an Amazon search shows all kinds of powders and supplements, even a turkey tail supplement for dogs!

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