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Martha's Dentist Experience & Tips To Conquer Your Fear

Do you get nervous when you have to go to the dentist? Put your appointments off for as long as possible? Sit in the waiting room with sweaty palms? Lie back in the dental chair fighting back tears and anxiety? Try calming down by saying to yourself, “Martha Quinn get it together for god’s sake!” 

Yes, I am absolutely describing myself, at my most recent appointment! I am not kidding you when I say I was shaking the whole time. And not in a fun Eddie Money “Shakin” kind of way but in the cartoon just saw a ghost kind of way!

Am I alone? It seems not. WebMD estimates up to 20% of Americans experience anxiety levels surrounding dental appointments. I have to go back to get my temporary crown replaced so how do I calm down for the next round? I looked up some tips that may help you with your next appointment with Dr. Drill (lol just kidding dentists) or even any kind of doctor appointment you may not love the idea of (ahem prostate anyone?) but you know you gotta do!

  1. Let your dentist know about your fears right away. I was seeing someone new and acted breezy and confident until he started the procedure at which point I fell apart. Looking back that may have caught him off guard
  2. Visit your dentist regularly, don’t put off appointments! This will help make the process feel more routine plus prevent the need for more serious procedures that may make you even more nervous
  3. Ask the doctor to explain the process prior to starting, including the timeline. I didn’t do this until after he started and I had to ask him to stop his drilling and fill me in. I was surprised he didn’t do it beforehand but then again I didn’t indicate any need

Click the link below for more tips from the Dental Associates blog, and please let me know how you calm yourself down before a medical session you’re anxious about!

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