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How To Make Your Dog A Good Companion

When Bueller first arrived at our house the first thing we did is start him working with a trainer. We’ve had German Shepherds before and have learned they get big fast and are a lot of responsibility. We found George Suarez trainer of hundreds of German Shepherd police dogs for departments across the country.

Not only has George helped us teach Bueller skills and behavior to make him the best companion, George is one of those people dogs automatically adore.

George says when bringing a new dog into your home the 3 most important steps to remember are

1. Bonding. Lots of treats!

2. Teach obedience. The basic skills are essential like sit, stay, down, and heel

3. Utilize a crate. Many owners are not sold on the crate, I wasn’t until Bueller. What convinced me is we have an older shepherd and feeding Bueller in the crate made meal times relaxing for both dogs, nobody had to worry about their food getting scavenged. Sometimes we will Bueller in his crate if people come over who are nervous about dogs. Plus if you are ever going to fly with your dog you want them to be used to a crate. But newsflash he never slept in a crate. Bueller has slept in our room, or in our bed lol, his whole life.

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