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Tips To Help The Teenager In Your Life #WellnessShot

Do you remember being stressed out as a teenager? Can you imagine having a pandemic to worry about too? This period of time has been causing many teens to feel anxious.  

If your teen is feeling unsettled here’s a way you can help them. A therapist in Petaluma, Sierra Dator, who works with kids and specializes in depression suggests: remind them they can feel better in their skin by paying attention to self-care. It’s empowering for them to learn their own actions can go a long way in combating anxiety.

As parents, we can talk to our teens about what self-care looks like. Self-care actions might include

* Getting homework done so they can have a peaceful rest of the night

* Brushing teeth

* Taking a digital break

* Getting some sunshine

* Having a whole meal

* Moving their body

* Spending time with family (grandparents included)

* Deep breathing

* Talking with friends

* Going to bed earlier than usual

* Reading a book for enjoyment

What do you find helps your teen cope with stress?

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