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How To Survive If You Get Lost On A Hike

Did you hear about the hiker who was rescued down on Mt. Whitney? He separated from his hiking buddy, got caught in a snowstorm, and was missing for 3 nights. Would you know what to do if you got lost out in the woods? Believe it or not, it happens quite often.

If you get lost, the first thing you do is STOP. Do not take another step until you take a moment to stop and think.

Here’s what the US Forest Service says:

1.As soon as you realize you’re lost, stop and stay put.

2.If you’re on a trail stay on it. If you’re not very confident in your route, it’s better to stay put

3.If it’s dark, or you’re injured or near exhaustion, stay put

Your best defense against getting lost is to remain with your hiking group. If you do branch off on your own, tell your friends the exact details of where you’re going, what trail you’re taking, and how long you’re planning to be out for. 

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