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How To Prevent Ticks From Getting On YOU #wellnessshot

Have you ever gone on a hike and found a tick on you or your dog? It used to be we didn’t worry about ticks too much here in California, but now ticks are spreading all across the United States. They’ve recently been found in high numbers of our Bay Area Coasts!

You want to minimize your chances of getting bitten by a tick as they can carry Lyme disease which can cause fevers, body aches, and extreme fatigue. Debbie Gibson, Daryl Hall, and Justin Bieber have all battled Lyme disease.

Here’s what you need to do on a hike, to help keep ticks from hiking on you!

  1. Use a tick repellent with an active ingredient like DEET on your legs, ankles, AND close-toed shoes
  2. Cover your arms and legs with long sleeves and pants.
  3. Walk in the center of trails as ticks tend to lurk on high grasses and brush

Find more tick tips from the California Department of Public Health below!

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