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California Is In A Drought, Here Are Water Saving Tips

The drought here in California is needing all of us to save water, our state’s reservoirs are at about 50% of their average levels.

The Marin Water District set a goal of cutting back usage by 40% so to help with that they have free water-saving kits they’re giving out this Saturday. I’ll tell you where to pick them up in a second, first here are some ways you can save water in your home:

1. Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth

2. Wash your dishes clothes only when you have the machine filled

3. (and I’m an expert at this) Drive your beautifully unwashed car. Draw a message in the grime with your finger, I’m not dirty, I’m saving water!

Pick up your free water-saving kit from the Marin Water District this Saturday from 9-1, you’ll find

· Bucket to catch water for reuse

· Leak detection dye tablets

· Shutoff nozzle for your garden hose

· Low flow faucet aerator and showerhead

· Five-minute shower timer

· Drive-It-Dirty car window cling to put on your beautifully dirty car

See below for Drought Drive-Up locations!

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