'Life Threatening' Heat Wave Hitting The Bay Area...Tips To Stay Safe

The National Weather Service is warning the Bay Area to get ready for potentially dangerous and life-threatening heat today (Wednesday) through Friday. They suggest these tips to keep you and your family (fur babies included!) safe:

  1. Limit strenuous outdoor activities during the hottest time of the day
  2. Do not leave kids or pets in vehicles
  3. Watch for hot pavement when walking dogs
  4. Drink plenty of liquids
  5. Stay in air conditioning if you can, if you’re going to a cooling center like at the Gilroy library or the Santa Clara Senior Center, remember to bring a mask they’re still needed there

Another way to stay cool is to head to the newly-opened South Bay Shores Waterpark at California’s Great America! Enter here for a chance to win a family 4-pack of tickets AND a cabana for Saturday, July 10th! 

Photo Credit: Getty

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