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How To Keep Your Kids Safe In Crowds & What To Do If They Get Lost

Summertime is amusement park time! You might be planning to take your kids or grandkids to Six Flags or California’s Great America or even the Disneyland Resort. But crowds and little kids aren’t always the best combination. Here’s what you need to know, and your kids need to know to stay safe in crowds:

1.When you’re still in the parking lot, take a picture of your child in case u need to show it to security they can see what your child looks like that day and what they are wearing.

2.Write your name and phone number with a sharpie right on the back of their t-shirt.

3.Everyone in the family should wear the same color bright t-shirt. That makes it easier for your child to spot you, you to spot them, and you can run up to somebody and say, “Did you see my kid? They’re wearing a t-shirt exactly like this!”

4.What your kids should know is if they get lost STAY WHERE THEY ARE and shout your name. In fact, teach them your name! You can practice this at your local playground.

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