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Martha Quinn Shares Rare Photos To Celebrate MTV's 40th Anniversary

I can’t believe MTV is turning 40! In 1981 I was proud to be a part of the band of trailblazers that put MTV Music Television on the map as one of the five original VJs alongside Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and the late (great and legendary) JJ Jackson. 

As we celebrate MTV’s milestone, I reflect on the fact that today when you see the iconic MTV logo it takes no time at all to process what it represents. You recognize it as instantly as when you look at a grilled cheese sandwich. One second. Boom. Got it. 

It’s hard to remember now, but in 1981 this was far from the case. MTV came flying out of left-field like a meteor into an unsuspecting world. August 1st, 1981 a fiery, mind-blowing, meteoric pop-culture disruptor blasted into our consciousness, changing the lives it touched forever. How about you? Do you remember dashing home from school to turn on MTV and watch breathlessly for hours?? How did MTV impact you? Inspire dreams, keep you company, provide comfort or teach you about rocking out??

Here I am days before I auditioned for MTV, I had just graduated NYU!

Here I am with my fellow original MTV VJs! How many can you name? From left to right we’re:

Alan Hunter, me Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, and JJ Jackson. 

The early MTV years were magic. Our new video music channel infused the entire music business with a renewed

energy, from the new artists to the artists who were already legends! 

This moment was captured backstage at a Bob Dylan concert in Ireland. A new singer came to interview Bob, a kid named Bono!

This might be the peak of my short hair phase!

Over the years the MTV generation of artists has remained a tight crew, it’s like we all went to MTV High together!

Thanks to iHeartRadio we can get together and keep the music rocking. Here I am cracking up with the New Kids on The Block!

We can’t rewind we’ve gone too far, but each and every day you hear all your favorite hits from the MTV years on 80s + @ 103.7! If you have an MTV memory to share, call me 1-866-900-1037! The Martha Quinn Show airs Monday-Friday 6am-10am Pacific Time!

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