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Water Safety 101- How To Spot A Drowning Person

Swimming - Olympics: Day 4

Photo: Getty Images

If you’re taking your family to cool off at a pool or the beach, do you know how to recognize if your child is drowning? It doesn’t look like you might expect. 

​​When someone is actually drowning there’s very little splashing and yelling like you see on TV. Actual drowning can be very quiet and undramatic. According to the CDC in many cases children drown while an adult is actually watching the child.

The United States Coast Guard says:

1.A drowning person’s mouth alternately sinks below and reappears above the surface of the water

2.In most cases a drowning person is physiologically unable to call out for help or answer the question are you all right

3.A drowning person’s body may remain upright in the water with no evidence of a supporting kick

If you see anything that looks like this going on grab a pool skimmer or even a pool noodle to reach out to the swimmer. It’s a good idea to always have a life preserver with a rope attached near any pool, even a pool with experienced swimmers. 

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