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'Apocalyptic' Flea Infestation Shuts Down 2 Oakland Schools

What do you do if you have flea bites?

Apparently, raccoons have been enjoying the gardening projects at Esperanza Elementary and Korematsu Discovery Academy, leaving their fleas behind in the leaves, perfect for jumping onto kids who brush up against them. You might not have interacted with a raccoon to deal with but you might have a dog or cat who could introduce you to fleas.

Flea bites usually show up on your legs and feet but if you’re a kid closer to the ground they can be there just as easily too. The good news is, says flea bites are more of an annoyance than anything else, they’re not usually harmful.

Here’s what do you do If you or your child has flea bites:

1. Wash the bites with soap and water.

2. Apply an ice pack to reduce the pain, inflammation, and agggh gotta scratch factor. (try not to scratch flea bites, you don’t want to break your skin and take a chance of getting an infection)

3. Soothe the itch with antihistamine or hydrocortisone cream

Be aware there is the occasional allergic reaction which would mean more swelling, or rash. If you see anything unusual, reach out to your doctor. 

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