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5 Easy '80s Halloween Costumes, From Madonna To Tina Turner

Need an easy Halloween costume? Try creating an ‘80s icon look that is super easy. 

Tina Turner is one of the most recognizable people in the world. Simply tease your hair as high as possible, throw on a spaghetti strapped dress (sequined or as flashy as possible), high heels and red lipstick completes the look, just make sure you know the words to “Proud Mary.”

Grab a catsuit, leotard, or bathing suit in neon, with neon leggings, add leg warmers or cut the sleeves off a sweatshirt and add a headband and wrist bands. Don’t forget to sleep with your hair in braids to get the ‘80s crimped look. 

For the ‘80s glam rock look, think Metallica, Poison, or Whitesnake, simply tease your hair, wear a tank top with fishnet stockings on your legs or arms and add heavy eye makeup. 

Madonna has reinvented herself so many times there are several iconic looks to pull off, from her Material Girl look to her tulle skirt and leather jacket. Cut some gloves at the fingers and layer on the necklaces to nail the look. 

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