David Bowie Pop-Ups Are Coming

The David Bowie Estate is launching a celebration of David Bowie's 75th birthday with the openings of two pop-up shops. 

The ‘Bowie 75’ locations will be up and running at 150 Wooster Street in New York near Bowie's longtime neighborhood, and 14 Heddon Street, the London location where the cover of ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ was shot. 

The shops will be open from October 25, through late January 2022. 

The pop-ups will offer “a unique and immersive career-spanning deep dive into the sound and vision of David Bowie, with features including immersive audio and HD video screening rooms.” 

Fans can buy limited-edition releases of exclusive Bowie apparel and collectibles, as well as limited-run LPs and CDs and exclusive fine art photography.

There will also be “intimate” special guest events to be announced.

Get more information at bowie75.com.

Photo Credit: Getty

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