Metallica To Be Featured In New Clue Game

An important piece of equipment has disappeared from Metallica's recording studio -- and the band's asking fans to help determine what piece has gone missing and track it down.

That's the premise of the new Metallica version of Clue, the classic mystery board game, the band has announced. In the new version, the game's traditional weapons have been replaced by a guitar, bass, snare drum, wah-wah pedal, microphone, and a computer, according to the game's artist, Maxx242.

"We were mostly given the specs for the production of the game, as well as the storyline, which is very similar to the classic game," Maxx242 says. "Even with such an elaborate project, the Metallica team always allows us artists to add to their story and just create and be artists. It was an amazing experience to help create this game with them."

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