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Gumby Making A Return With New Animation, Live-Action & NFT Projects

Fox Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Gumby franchise.

According to THR, Fox will reimagine the franchise, which is acquired from Gumby creator Art Clokey's son Joseph's estate. This reimagining includes live-action and animated content, classic episodes being placed on Tubi TV and Gumby NFTs.

"Competition for globally recognized intellectual property is fierce. Uncovering this gem, with its built-in awareness and affinity, and bringing it to Fox, adds meaningful value and creative possibilities to the IP itself and to multiple divisions of our company," Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said. "Fox is proud to be home to these iconic characters. Welcome one and all."

The Gumby franchise began in 1953 with a three-minute film created by Clokey and eventually found a home on Howdy Doody before The Gumby Show debuted in 1957. The show centered on Gumby, a green human-like being made of clay, with later additions such as Pokey the orange horse becoming equally popular mainstays.

The original Gumby Show ran from 1957 to 1969, and it was followed by Gumby Adventures in 1988. In 1995, Gumby: The Movie was released by Clokey Films and Arrow Releasing.

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