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Martha's Tips On Weightlifting For Women #WellnessShot

Happy International Women's Day! Every day I shout out health information, today for my sisters I want to share the benefits of weightlifting for women: 

Weightlifting helps boost your metabolism, fights depression, increases bone density (which declines as time goes on) plus studies now show lifting weights for just 30 minutes a week lowers the risk of death from all causes.  

I enjoy doing deadlifts with dumbbells. Deadlifts are one of the safest weightlifting exercises, they’re a full-body workout, great for your back and glutes, and help you feel confident! 

I started with 8-pound dumbbells. And my body really started changing. Now I’m up to 12-pound weights!  

These are the deadlift videos I found on YouTube that I like.  

The first video below really explains the deadlift movement well. I really didn’t want to throw my back out with this new exercise, so I wanted to know how to do it correctly. 

The second video is basically the same form but I like her tweak of keeping your gaze steady and forward. 

Grab some dumbbells (you might even have some in the back of a closet somewhere!) and give deadlifts a try! I promise you’ll be able to do it and you’ll feel your body start to get stronger. 

Celebrate you today for International Women’s Day! 

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