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Rolling Stones Get Igloo Cooler

The Rolling Stones are releasing a new cooler collection with Igloo.

The Rolling Stones x Igloo collection features three pieces including two new coolers that are available now, plus a 12-ounce stainless steel Igloo Coolmate to hold cans that are on the way.

The collection’s Rolling Stones Evolution Playmate features the band’s iconic tongue logo throughout the years.

The cooler can fit up to 26 cans when it’s filled with ice. 

The Stones Little Playmate, which includes “The Rolling Stones” across the tent-top closure, plus the band’s tongue logo across the background, holds nine 12-ounce cans. 

Check them out at

Meanwhile, The Rolling Stone’s lifestyle brand RS No.9 Carnaby is sharing a new collection to mark the 60th anniversary of the Rolling Stones. 

The line is called SIXTY and it centers around an interpretation of the original and iconic John Pasche tongue and lips logo. 

The capsule collection features t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, keychains, and tote bags.

Check it all out at website.

Photo Credit: Getty

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