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Heart "Doing a Thing" For 50th Anniversary & Ann Wilson Talks Her Tour

The band Heart will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year and, according to singer Ann Wilson, something is in the works.

Wilson was interviewed by and asked if the band had plans to do anything to celebrate.

"Yes, we do," said Wilson. "I'm not at liberty to say exactly what they are yet because it's such early days but sure. It will be next year. And we're doing a thing. Definitely. We're still formulating it now."

This seems to confirm that a rumored rift between Nancy and her sister Ann is either over or...just a rumor.

Meanwhile, Ann Wilson is going to be hitting the road with her new band. 

The tour will support her latest album, “Fierce Bliss,” which was released in April. 

Wilson talked about her band saying, “I think that for someone who’s been through as much as I have, and has lived to tell the tales, it’s okay to share my experiences. I’ve heard from a lot of younger musicians who have thanked me for staying around and for just keeping upright, just making it through, and being able to live through it all with dignity.”  

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