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Steve Perry Suing Journey Band Members

Uh-oh legal action going on in the Journey organization, this time involving Steve Perry.

Former Journey singer Steve Perry is suing to Journey members Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain to cancel trademark registrations they filed for 20 Journey songs - including some of the band's biggest hits, like Separate Ways, Open Arms, and Any Way You Want It.

Steve says the trademarks - filed to use for "hats, T-shirts, athletic jackets and other paraphernalia" - violate an earlier agreement that requires consent from "all partners". It seems he had no idea this was happening and didn't sign off on it, as was their agreement. 

This isn't the first legal episode Journey has been through. Back in 2019, the band brought a lawsuit against original Journey bass player Ross Valory and longtime Journey drummer Steve Smith when they jointly attempted a "coup d'etat" (according to the paperwork) to secure the rights to the Journey name. When it all came to light they were let go from the band altogether. 

The Valory/Smith lawsuit was settled in 2021 with everybody wishing each other well. 

Hopefully Steve Perry and Journey can resolve their differences amicably too. I sure wouldn't mind an Open Arms t-shirt!

Photo Credit: Gettty

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