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Billy Idol Names His Rock God

Billy Idol himself is considered a rock god by many.

So, who does the man himself consider to be a rock god?

“My rock god is Marc Bolan," Idol said in a recent interview with Raised on Rock. "He was just very instrumental in Generation X, the punk rock group I was in a career really because we got to play live on his Marc Show."

Apparently, Bolan put his foot down when a TV producer refused to have the band on his own show and made sure that Generation X got to perform.

Idol added, "Marc said, ‘Well if they’re not on it, I’m not, dude.’ Then he said, ‘They can use my guitar; we can make this happen.’ So, we actually ended up playing live on that show. He could easily have turned to us and said, ‘Sorry, Lads, there’s no way you can be on it.’"

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