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Martha Quinn's Holiday Present For YOU (VIDEO)

Every year when Christmas comes around, I think I Love You! 

 If you were with me Martha Quinn back in the day when we VJs played your videos all day and all night in stereo, you might think I Love You too!   

 Maybe you watched tapes of MTV when you were serving in the military (thank you!) or maybe you were in junior high school and watched MTV for hours in your basement. Or perhaps you were born much later but have a spiritual connection to the years when M stood for Music. 

 Whichever applies to you check out one of the greatest Christmas songs ever, Billy Squier’s epic Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You. 

This video was filmed in 1981 on the very first MTV set (do you remember the dart board?) with the band of rebels that launched the world’s first 24-hour music channel. Rockstars every single one! If you remember watching video after video, seeing original MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, and JJ Jackson will melt your heart. We were missing Alan Hunter as he was a vacation! 

Thank you for an amazing 2022! Your Corny Jokes, Totally Awesome News, Mixtapes, and all you share turn The Martha Quinn Show up to 11. Here’s to another year of us all spending workdays from 10 am-3 pm together. 

Please click and enjoy the Billy video, have a beautiful holiday and…I Love You!   

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