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9 Ways Your Sleep Position Can Help Or Harm Your Health

When you go to sleep do you sleep on your left side? Right side? Stomach or back? Sometimes I toss around and it's in those moments I start wondering, "Is there an optimum sleeping position?"

Side sleeping seems to be the best position for a good night's sleep. For example, if you snore, sleeping on your back can restrict your airflow so you keep having to wake yourself up to get more breaths.

But which side is best? 

If you have heart issues, sleep on your right side for better circulation and breathing. 

However, if you have acid reflux you may sleep better on your LEFT side. 

Here's a great look at how your body positions at night can affect the quality of your sleep. Do you think you will adopt a new sleeping style after reading this? Last night I tried sleeping on my right side for my heart health and I think I slept well! 

Sweet Dreams!

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