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Steve Perry Records New Version of Journey Song

Steve Perry has recorded a new version of the Journey song “It Could Have Been You.”

Perry recorded the song backed by The Effect.

The Effect features guitarist Trev Lukather, drummer Nic Collins, and keyboardist Steve Maggiora.

Perry said in a statement, “In 1986 the Journey 'Raised On Radio' record was released, and in it was a song I've always felt was a diamond in the rough.”

He continued, “I've known Trevor Lukather since he was 9 years old and he is a very gifted musician. One day we were talking about his new band, The Effect… He surprisingly mentioned 'It Could Have Been You' is one of his favorite tracks from that record, I told him I felt the same.”

Perry added, “I then said, why don't you record it? He asked if I would sing on it if they did, I said... 'Of course, my most precious!'”

Photo Credit: Getty

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