New Study Finds Coronavirus Stays On Cash and Phones For 28 Days

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Cash bills and your cell phones may be the newest things to watch out for in 2020. According to a new study done by the Australian Center For Disease Preparedness the coronavirus can remain on bills and on the surface of your cell phone for up to 28 days. The temperature of the room in which money, phones and other surfaces are kept also played a large role in the length of time that the virus was able to survive. The flu has been known to stay on bills for 17 days.

This information is just a friendly reminder to make sure that you re washing your hands especially after handling money or paying a visit to the ATM. The United States along with South Korea have been in the process of retiring bills.

The CDC had previously released the following guidelines when it comes to handling everyday activities:

  • Make an effort to use online banking and touchless payment options.
  • Use drive-thru banking services, automated teller machines (ATM), or mobile banking apps for routine transactions that do not require face-to-face assistance as much as possible.
  • Use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol after any deposit, withdrawal, exchange, drive-thru visit, or use of an ATM.

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