Morning Drive with Christie Live

Morning Drive with Christie Live

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Christie Live-Why Is This A Thing? Exercise Like A Kitty

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Woman Stuck In Outhouse Toilet Because Of Apple Watch

A woman had to call for rescue crews after she was stuck inside an outhouse toilet as she was trying to retrieve her Apple watch!

Christie Live-Christie Is Back From Bali & Was Called A 'Thirst Trap'

Christie is back from her Bali vacation and talks about her experience and why she is being called a 'thirst trap' person!

Christie Live-The Great Debate-Are Chihuahua's Actually A Dog?

Christie made a lot of people angry with her opinion about Chihuahua dogs including Producer Karena who has a small dog of her own!

Christie Live-Mexico City Marathon Disqualifies 11,000 Runners For Cheating

Wow. This is crazy. 11,000 out of the 30,000 runners who participated in a Mexico City Marathon were disqualified for cheating!

Christie Live-Christie Remembers Where She Was On This Tragic Day 09/11/2001

It's a day that Christie will never forget. 09/11/2001.

Christie Live-Make A Band Name Edible

Christie asked the listeners to make a band name edible and EVERYONE delivered!!! Thank you to everyone who called, left a talkback, and commented on our Facebook post!!

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Woman Steals iPhone By Chewing Through Cord At Apple Store

A woman in China has gone viral after she was caught on surveillance video chewing her way through an anti-theft cord at an Apple store!

Christie Live-It's Star Trek Day & Listener Bob Calls In With His Trekkie Joke

A friend of the show Bob calls in and shares a 'Star Trek Day' joke with Christie!

Christie Live-Why Is This A Thing? Raccoon Friends

Christie has started a new feature called Why Is This A Thing? and today it is all about raccoons and the people who love them!